Visitors on this HCAA/ANSP/AIS web site may navigate around the links freely and print parts of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package, produced by Hellenic AIS according to the applicable ICAO/Annex 15 SARPs.
Hellenic AIS does not originate the information but collates, processes, publishes and distributes it on behalf of HCAA.
The following information will be available from the AIP Publications link:

AIP Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP GREECE): contains static information of a permanent character, essential to air navigation.
AIP AMDTs AIP Amendments: either regular or AIRAC, are issued according to a published 28-days cycle.
AICs Aeronautical Information Circulars: series A or B for International or National distribution respectively, contain information that does not qualify for inclusion into the AIP or a NOTAM.
SUPs Supplements: either regular or AIRAC, published on yellow paper, are used to notify temporary changes of long duration (more than 3 months) or information of short duration requiring extensive text and/or graphics
NOTAM Notices to Airmen: contain information of short duration or temporary changes or short notice permanent changes (to be developed...).
AMDT Request forms This option provides access to the HCAA "AIP Amendment Request form" used by authorized data providers to submit information for publication into the AIP. This form is not to be used to submit NOTAM proposals, nor is if intended for general use.

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